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Building a New Home in New South Wales?

Make sure you get a stage inspection. It will give you confidence that your build is going to plan. A member of our New South Wales team will inspect your building project at each major stage of the process including pre-slab, frame, lock up and handover. Our detailed reports will provide everything you need to know about the quality of the build which will help you avoid any issues down the line when it might be too late.

We can provide:

Peace of Mind
We make sure you are getting the quality and accuracy that you expect from your builder.
A Multi Inspection Discount
The more stage inspections you book with us, the more you save.
Expert Inspectors
Our inspectors are all trade experts and qualified building and pest inspectors.
Guaranteed Lowest Price
If you find a lower comparable price, we’ll price match it. *

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Stage Inspections for Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast

  • The last thing you want when building a new home is for your builder to cut corners and skip on quality. This is a big project, and you deserve to have confidence and peace of mind that everything is being carried out properly. Our New South Wales team will compare the progress of your build at each stage against the original design and engineering plans.
  • Our inspectors can help spot any issues or defects with your build before it’s too late. It will give you the chance to resolve the issues sooner rather than later. Stage inspections can end up saving you a lot of money down the road.
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