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Builders Warranty Inspections: Ensuring Quality and Peace of Mind

Builders Warranty Insurance is regulated differently across Australian states but nevertheless plays a crucial role in protecting clients against incomplete or defective workmanship and materials on their newly constructed or renovated property. At Rapid, we specialise in providing comprehensive inspection services tailored to the specific requirements of Builders Warranty Insurance.

What is Builders Warranty Insurance?

Builders Warranty Insurance, obtained by builders prior to commencing property construction or renovations, offers coverage for clients against incomplete or defective workmanship and materials. The duration of coverage varies from state to state, generally falling into two categories:

1. Shorter coverage for non-structural and minor defects. These defects are observable both before and after handover of the property takes place. While they may not impact the property’s structural or functional integrity, they should not be present in a newly constructed property.

2. Longer coverage for structural and major defects. These defects generally appear before or after handover and can affect the property’s structural and functional integrity. They should not be present in a building constructed within the warranty period.

Builders Warranty – Expiry Periods correct as of 1 July 2023
State Non structural and Minor Defects Structural and Major Defects Details
QLD 12 Months 6.5 years Structural also includes safety hazards and water penetration etc.
NSW 2 Years 6 Years
VIC 6 Months 6.5 Years
WA 4 Months 6 Years
SA N/A 5 Years 10 years for defective building or breach of council approvals and permits.

What is a Builders Warranty Inspection?

A Builders Warranty Inspection, conducted by experienced inspectors at Rapid, involves a thorough assessment of the visible condition of the property. Our inspectors look for and report on major defects, minor defects, structural defects, and safety defects. These assessments provide valuable insights into defects that should not typically be present in a newly constructed property or during the Builders Warranty period. Defects which are identified are often a result of poor workmanship or a premature failure of construction materials, fixtures, and fittings.

What does a Builders Warranty Inspection not cover?

A Builders Warranty Inspection does not cover:

  • damage and defects caused by general wear and tear.
  • issues arising from user or tenant misuse or abuse of the property.
  • repairs or alterations performed by parties other than the original builder who obtained the Builders Warranty Insurance Policy.

A Builders Warranty Inspection is not a certificate of compliance; rather, it provides a comprehensive list of specified defects that should not be present in a newly constructed or renovated property.

What do I do with a Builders Warranty Report?

Once you receive your Builders Warranty Report from Rapid, we recommend reviewing it thoroughly. Identify any items in the report that require the builder’s attention and contact them to request a review. The builder should then arrange for the repair of the agreed-upon items. If the builder refuses to address the repairs, you may have the option to pursue them through the Builders Warranty policy. Keep in mind that policies and terms vary across states, so we recommend that you seek appropriate advice specific to your situation.

Don’t let unresolved issues compromise the quality of your property. Trust Rapid to provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to address any concerns. Contact us today, our expert team is here to support you, and help you ensure that you are able to uphold your rights as a homeowner.

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