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Dilapidation reports help you to keep track of any impact that local construction or excavation may have on your property. They record the current condition of your property so that you can refer to it after the work has been completed.

Reports are prepared by a member of Rapid’s Victoria team, and are available for properties across the state of Victoria. An inspector will view your property and make a note of any current damage as well as the condition of the property overall. This is a non-invasive inspection and can be done without removing any part of the house. The report will let you know which areas might be prone to damage from the nearby construction work, and you will receive all the data collected for you to refer to – including, notes, diagrams, photographs, and measurements.

If you think that your building has been impacted, you should contact a member of our Victoria team to re-inspect your house and document the extent of the damages.

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