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Building and Pest Inspections Hobart

Need a comprehensive home inspection & condition report but don’t want to spend a fortune? We can send an industry recognised RBI expert to inspect the property. They will zero in on any potentially expensive problems or, fingers crossed, provide a concise report that shows the property is sound.
Your inspector will zero in on any potentially expensive problems and provide a concise property condition report to assist your purchase decision.
green check icon Guaranteed Turnaround: You’ll receive your report within 24 hours of the inspection or your money back.*
green check icon Guaranteed lowest price: If you find a lower comparable price in Hobart, we’ll price match it!
green check icon Guaranteed latest technology: We only use the latest technology available.
green check icon Guaranteed expert inspectors: Our inspectors are all trade experts and qualified building and pest inspectors.

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What Our Recent Clients Say About Us…
What Our Recent Clients Say About Us…

Property Inspections In Hobart

When you’re buying a property, you’ll want to know that you’re getting a fair deal. To get the full picture you’ll need to speak to someone other than the seller or the real estate agent, and that’s where we come in. For any building in Hobart, our team is ready to do a thorough inspection and assessment so you can buy with confidence.
There are 3 steps to our process
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Building Inspections Hobart

The first step of our inspection process is to examine the actual building itself.

A building inspection will cover all the major structural parts of the property. A trained inspector is able to tell you about the state of the building you’re buying, as well as find any problem areas like hidden moisture, wood rot, or structural problems. Our inspectors use radar equipment to check inside walls and cavities should the need arise. Unlike some other inspection services, we don’t charge extra fees for these services, they’re all included in our fixed quoted cost.

Even before buying a new home, it’s important to get a pre-purchase building report to ensure the quality of the builder’s work before you buy.

Pest Inspection Hobart

Secondly, you’ll want a thorough inspection for any pests around your home.
There’s more to a property than just the structure of the building. Many houses can quickly become homes for unwanted pests. Some of these are just annoying, while others – like termites – can be dangerous to the building itself.
Before you buy your next property in Hobart, you’ll want to have it checked for pests.

Every inspector in our Hobart team uses state of the art technology to detect pests in unseen spaces, to guarantee your peace of mind. Using a combination of moisture and radar technology, our inspectors can look through walls, ceilings and floors without leaving even a mark.


Property Inspection Findings and Report

Thirdly, we’ll deliver all our findings to you in a comprehensive report.
Our building reports, once paid for, are delivered to you within 24 hours of inspecting your property so there’s no wasted time. You’ll have a full record of the status and quality of the building, plus any pests discovered. The report records the date of inspection, with attached images to verify all the findings.
We write all of our reports in accordance with Australian Standards, so they are recognised by real estate agents and lawyers.
With your full building and pest inspection report you will be able to negotiate for a fair price or pull out of the sale if necessary.
When you book a building inspection with our Hobart team, you can be sure you’re getting the full picture, and you’ll have everything you need to buy with confidence and peace of mind.
What Our Recent Customers Say About Our Hobart Building & Pest Inspections
Why Choose Rapid Building inspections?

Guaranteed Expert Building Inspectors

While training is great, nothing beats industry experience. Every inspector is a trade expert and qualified building and pest inspector. Which means they’ll be able to spot issues less experienced inspectors could miss.

Latest Technology in Hobart

Our expert RBI inspectors all use the Termatrac T31 and Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus. These devices can precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites without needing to physically penetrate any walls, floors or ceilings and more importantly, it won’t disrupt or displace termite activity.
Termatrac Radar (Pest Inspections)
Using a calibrated radar signal, this device can identify termites through timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plasterboard, plastic and other common building materials. No more holes in walls, and no need for tapping or prodding. And because the termites aren’t disturbed, they remain active for easy and accurate detection by the Termatrac Termite Detection Radar.
Termatrac Moisture Sensor (Property Inspections)
The moisture sensor built into the ‘Termatrac T3i’ hand-held unit can measure and record differential moisture levels in building materials without damaging them. It can identify potential termite risk areas by the concentrated presence of moisture in most surfaces including wood, plasterboard, roofing, plastic, brick and concrete.
Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus (Pre-Purchase Inspections)
Our inspectors all carry the ‘Tramex Moisture Encounter plus (MEP)’. It is a non-invasive overall building inspection moisture meter. It’s fast, precise and versatile! It can measure and evaluate moisture levels through paint, wall coatings, plasterboard, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and ceilings.

Fastest turnaround time in Hobart

You’ll get your report within 24-hours of the inspection being completed and if you don’t, we will give your money back.
But just because we’re fast, doesn’t mean we cut corners.
Every report has to pass a stringent quality review from head office before it’s sent to you.

Guaranteed Lowest Price

Our Business model means we can provide the best price in each region. If you can find a lower comparable price in Hobart, send us a copy of the written quote and we’ll price match it!

How much will my Hobart building inspection cost?

Rapid Building Inspections Hobart have some of the best prices in the industry. We know that quality and price are both important, so we’ve structured our business to give you just that. We have streamlined our process to be as efficient as possible, so that there is no wasted time arranging access to the property, and no extra costs that would be passed onto you. Our team has been thoroughly trained to inspect buildings in Hobart with the latest technology and professional quality service. Get in touch with our Hobart team today, for great service at the best price.

Hobart Building Inspection

Our Hobart office is open

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Inspectors are available weekdays and available weekend at special request.

Any Questions?

We’re happy to answer all you questions about Building & Pest Inspections – even the hard ones. So give us a call today, and get the information you need from one of our Hobart team members.

Weekdays 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Weekends 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Professional Hobart inspections you can rely on

We take our inspections seriously and provide thorough checks that are above and beyond the norm. In fact, we think we offer some of the best building inspection in Australia.

The Roof Exterior

Visual inspection of gutters and tiles looking for structural damage.

The Roof Void

Look for insulation and timber/structural related issues. Please make sure we have access so we can check.

The Exterior

Check for moisture, mould, cracks pest evidence. Look for favoured pest habitats.

The Interior

Look for holes, termite mounds and moisture and inspect greenery near walls.

The Subfloor

Inspect visible subfloor areas for cracks, structural damage, rotting timber and evidence of leaks.
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About Hobart Building and Pest Inspection

Our team is proudly servicing Hobart and Launceston, and helping countless people to buy property with confidence. We have local inspectors ready to assess the building you are looking to buy. Get in touch with our team to hear more about the services we can offer or to arrange an inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does rapid mean? It means fast dispatch, not missing the appointment and efficient turnaround time for your report!
When can you do the inspection? We never turn work away, so we will endeavour to make a slot available to you at the earliest convenience.
Could I attend the inspection? Yes, you can be on-site when the inspection is taking place, that way, you can talk to the Inspector directly and discuss any issues. However, we do ask that you allow the inspector to conduct his inspection unhindered and save questions until he is finished. This helps to ensure a thorough and uncompromised report.
Do you check the loft and roof? As long as our inspectors are able to gain access, they are areas that we will check.
What is included in the report? The report includes either a building inspection report, a pest inspection report or both. And all in easy-to-understand English.
How soon will I receive my report? You’ll have your report within 24 hours of the completed inspection provided payment has been received, or your money back!
Can I rescind my contract based on your findings? Our condition reports are in accordance with current Australian Standards and are therefore recognised by real estate agents and solicitors. Provided you have special conditions in your contract, RBI’s condition report is known as proof.
What happens after I book an appointment? Our RBI concierge will call to confirm the details of your property. We will dispatch the RBI inspector at your confirmed access time.
We are contactable 7 days a week.
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