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Building and Pest Inspections North Lakes

Need a pre-purchase inspection in North Lakes? We’ll send an industry recognised RBI expert to inspect your property – search for potentially expensive problems – and draft a comprehensive property condition report.
green check Fast Turnaround: You’ll receive your report within 24-hours of the inspection or your money back;*
green check Guaranteed Lowest Price: If you find a lower comparable price, we’ll price match it!;*
green check Expert Inspectors: Our inspectors are all trade experts and qualified building and pest inspectors.
green check Latest Technology: We use the latest thermal and moisture sensor technology available.*
Want to be present? Sure! Feel free to watch your Inspector in action. At the end of the inspection – at your request – your Inspector will be very happy to walk you through the report.

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How We Help You In North Lakes

If you think you’ve found the right property and are in two minds to buy it, our property report can help you make the right decision. Before presenting our findings in simple English, our inspector will go over the property with a keen eye. We prepare reports that are easy-to-understand that will help make you the correct decision about whether that house is right for you or not. Our reports are also fully recognised by your lawyer or estate agent.
To help you avoid heavy bills on repairs in the future, our detailed report, that follows AS4349.1-2007 and AS4349.3, will focus on any current problems or other difficulties that are likely to arise in the time to come.
We have an experience of over 1,000 inspections in Queensland, and as seasoned experts in the field, we are in a better position than anyone to advise you about what condition your house is in.


Building Inspections North Lakes

You have probably been told that your property is in tip-top condition, but are you sure about that? There could be termites or water leaks, or it could be that the wood is rotting off! Our highly-qualified inspectors at North Lakes are trained to look where you would not and are fully equipped with the latest technology to help you find the unexpected.
Our experts are the best at what they do and will advise you on current repairs and by doing so save you thousands of dollars in any future repairs. Our inspectors at RBI use thermal and radar sensing equipment that can see through walls, and at no extra cost!
We will make you a one-time quote with a GST-inclusive price. You will be surprised because where we will give you only one quote that will remain unchanged even on the day of the inspection, while some other inspection companies charge you extra for the equipment.


Pest Inspection North Lakes

We won’t pull your house down while looking for pests, promise! Gone are the days when inspection companies used messy and unreliable methods which required a lot of tapping and drilling to determine what might be lurking under your floorboards or behind the walls. We only use the latest technology without endangering the structure of the house.
We use thermal and moisture-sensing equipment and radar technology that does not require penetrating or damaging the building property and can look through floors, walls and ceilings. We are very non-intrusive!
Our team is equipped with the Termatrac T3i All Sensor device, which detects, locates and confirms the presence of termites without requiring any damage to the building property.

North Lakes Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Reports

We, at Rapid Building Inspections, provide comprehensive reports that are easy to understand, written in plain English and follow the current industry standards. We provide photographic proof highlighting areas of your house that present a hazard, and also suggestions that may be undertaken to address the issues, such as any repairs that may be required.
Our reports include:
Property Report Pest Report Findings
  • Method of construction
  • Serious Safety Hazards
  • Inside – major defects
  • Outside – major defects
  • Minor defects
  • Timber pest attack
  • Other pest attack
  • Termite, Pest, Fungal Evidence
  • Conditions conducive to attack
  • Major safety hazards
  • Property report summary
  • Pest report summary
  • Photos & Annexures
  • Additional comments
  • Certification
Property Report
  • Method of construction
  • Serious Safety Hazards
  • Inside – major defects
  • Outside – major defects
  • Minor defects
Pest Report
  • Timber pest attack
  • Other pest attack
  • Termite, Pest, Fungal Evidence
  • Conditions conducive to attack
  • Major safety hazards
  • Property report summary
  • Pest report summary
  • Photos & Annexures
  • Additional comments
  • Certification
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The Findings

Our condition reports are recognised by solicitors and real estate agents and are in conformity with the Australian Standards. In the event that we discover any issues that could harm your investment, our report can be utilised as grounds to fortify your arranging position or end your agreement.
This signifies that you can settle on your choice with certainty, with the knowledge that the property has been completely reviewed by our North Lakes specialists. We’re proud to offer building and pest inspections in North Lakes.
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Our Report is 100% recognised by 3rd parties.

Fastest turnaround time in North Lakes

As we know the report is time sensitive, once payment is received, we will get it to you within 24-hours, or your money back.
But just because we’re fast, doesn’t mean we cut corners!
Every pre-purchase building and pest inspection report has to pass a stringent quality review from our head office before it’s sent to you.

Lowest Price in North Lakes

Our Business model means we can provide the best price in each region. If you can find a lower comparable price, send us a copy of the written quote and we’ll price match it!
*1. No refund will be applicable if the payment for the report has not been received within 24-hours of completing the transaction.

*2. The price must be for the exact same service we are offering, with the same equipment in the same geographical region.

*3. While all RBI inspectors carry thermal sensor and moisture detection devices, these devices are only deployed where the inspector identifies conducive conditions and further investigation is warranted.

How Do We Keep Our Prices Low?

The minimal personal interactions between our RBI inspector and the seller of the property ensures that our inspections are affordable and cost effective. However, in order to do this, we need access to the property at the appointed date and time. Coordinating property access and arranging other details is a time-consuming process and our RBI inspectors will not be able to call the property seller and real estate agent to coordinate and arrange access.
We guarantee that our condition report is of the highest quality; however, for this, we would need confirmed property access for our inspectors at the appointed date and time. And, if you are unable to provide the access, we would request a 24-hour prior notice, so that we can reschedule the inspection to another time.

Professional North Lakes Inspections you can rely on

We take our inspections seriously and provide thorough visual checks that are above and beyond the norm.

The Roof Exterior

Visual inspection of gutters and tiles looking for structural damage.

The Roof Void

Look for insulation and timber/structural related issues. Please make sure we have access so we can check.

The Exterior

Check for moisture, mould, cracks and evidence of pests and also identify conditions conducive to pest attack.

The Interior

Look for holes, evidence of termites, areas of excess moisture and inspect greenery near walls.

The Subfloor

Inspect visible subfloor areas for cracks, structural damage, rotting timber and evidence of leaks.

Any Questions?

We’re happy to answer all you questions about building inspections – even the hard ones. So give us a call today, and get the information you need from one of our North Lakes team members.

Weekdays 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Weekends 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Your privacy is assured.
  • Report is 100% recognised by 3rd parties.

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About North Lakes

North Lakes is a suburb of the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 26 km north of the Brisbane central business district. At the 2016 Australian Census the suburb recorded a population of 21,671.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does rapid mean? It means fast dispatch, not missing the appointment and efficient turnaround time for your report!
When can you do the inspection? We never turn work away, so we will endeavour to make a slot available to you at the earliest convenience.
Could I attend the inspection? Yes, you can be on-site when the inspection is taking place, that way, you can talk to the Inspector directly and discuss any issues. However, we do ask that you allow the inspector to conduct his inspection unhindered and save questions until he is finished. This helps to ensure a thorough and uncompromised report.
Do you check the loft and roof? As long as our inspectors are able to gain access, they are areas that we will check.
What is included in the report? The report includes either a building inspection report, a pest inspection report or both. And all in easy-to-understand English.
How soon will I receive my report? You’ll have your report within 24 hours of the completed inspection provided payment has been received, or your money back!
Can I rescind my contract based on your findings? Our condition reports are in accordance with current Australian Standards and are therefore recognised by real estate agents and solicitors. Provided you have special conditions in your contract, RBI’s condition report is known as proof.
What happens after I book an appointment? Our RBI concierge will call to confirm the details of your property. We will dispatch the RBI inspector at your confirmed access time.

We Are Certified With All Major National And Local Institutions