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This year has been challenging and unexpected. For families and businesses across the world, there have been new difficulties to overcome and lots of work to adapt to our new normal.

Our team has worked hard to prepare and make sure we can keep helping Aussies buy property. Because we can’t do our job remotely, we’ve put in various measures in accordance with government guidelines to keep you and our inspectors safe.

“Safety is our number one priority,” says Rapid’s managing director Daniel Watts, “which is why we’ve taken this situation seriously and we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe”.

Here are just a few ways we’ve adapted our business during Covid-19.

We took time to educate all our inspectors on the dangers of Covid-19, the safety precautions we would need to follow, as well as all the latest government regulations. This means our team are able to take a lead when they’re on-site, to make sure that everyone is following the safety plan. On top of this, we are providing regular government updates and health department advice to all our inspectors.

All our team members use masks, gloves and medical-grade sanitiser whenever working. We want to make sure that when we’re inspecting homes, we are keeping you safe and keeping our team safe.

It is our responsibility to keep you and our inspectors safe. Which is why we now have a series of questions for everyone who requests an inspection. We make sure we know exactly who will be at the premises before attending. And we request confirmation that no one is unwell, has been overseas recently, or is quarantining at home.

Of course, we are also following social distancing practices. We have reduced our inspectors from two down to one at all our inspections. We don’t make physical contact with our customers – no handshakes, etc.

We have been quick to respond to the challenges of Covid-19 so that we can keep helping Australians across the country to inspect their homes. If you need a building inspection, our team are ready to help.

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