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At Rapid, our team of trade experts inspect hundreds of houses every week. We’ve seen it all. From pristine properties to damaged disasters. But often the worst problems are ones that could have been avoided.

It’s true, weather, pests, and the quality of the build all contribute to the condition of your house. But one of the most important factors is how you maintain it.

With the right information you can keep your house in its best possible condition. Knowing how to take care of your home can save you from major problems like damp, termites and other issues.

As the seasons change, the work your house needs will change as well. Here are our top tips for autumn.


Keep your house in good condition with these 4 autumn maintenance tips.

1. Clean your gutters

Be prepared for the winter rains with clear and flowing gutters. Falling leaves and sticks can easily build up which causes water to overflow. Clear gutters will:

  • help you gather rainwater in your tanks
  • keep your house safe from water damage
  • prevent excess water to pool around and under your house.

Excess water can affect the soil around your foundations which could destabilise the footing and cause the whole building to move. Movement at a foundational level can be very serious, it has the potential to impact the whole structure of your house.

Bonus tip: once you’ve cleared your gutters, you may also want to install a gutter guard to protect them from falling leaves and debris.

2. Check your termite barrier is in date

It’s important that your house is protected against termites. If left untreated termites can do incredible damage to your property. Make sure you have a termite barrier installed to keep your home safe. If you already have a termite barrier, it’s important that you speak with a pest technician to make sure it’s still in date.

Your termite barrier will last for several years but eventually they expire, leaving your house vulnerable. Unfortunately, termites are active in every season, so this autumn make sure your house is protected against these pests.

Bonus tip: Look for mudding slowly making its way up your external walls or pipes, this can be a sign of termites working. Don’t disturb the mudding but call a building and pest inspector to assess it for you.

3. Bad ventilation

Door seals cover the gap between the bottom of the external door and the floor. They’re especially important in autumn and winter not only to keep the house warm inside, but also to keep water out.

With colder weather, heavy rainfall and high winds, it’s important to make sure your doors work to keep your house weatherproof. Protect yourself against cold and wet weather by making sure your door seals are properly installed and working.

Bonus tip: Weather strips on doors and windows are a cost-effective way to stop air leaks and manage heating costs.

4. Check your window frames

If your window frames are made from timber, it’s important to make sure they’re thoroughly painted. The paint works to seal and protect timber from absorbing moisture. Unsealed frames will contract and expand from the moisture in the autumn air, which can cause them to swell and jam.

Always make sure to check if the windows are painted properly, paying close attention to top and bottom which are often missed. Stay warm and dry this autumn, by making sure all window frames are painted, sealed, and ready for the cold weather.

Use these tips to make sure your house is ready for autumn. Take some time now to check your gutters, door seals, window frames and termite barrier. A little bit of work now can save you from all sorts of problems in the season ahead.

If you’d like an assessment of your property from a trade professional, book a building and pest inspection with Rapid today.

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