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what is a pest inspection

Looking for a Pest Inspection in Hobart or in another state? Or maybe a Building and Pest Inspection combined? At Rapid Building Inspections, we have you covered and are here to help 7 days a week.

Our comprehensive onsite Pest Inspection and report along with recommendations will provide you with crucial knowledge and awareness of the condition and risks associated with the property you are looking to purchase.

Our fully trained and experienced building and pest inspectors perform inspections of building structures to identify damage or conditions conducive to damage from timber pests such as termites and wood borers.

What is a Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection is a methodical and careful visual examination of the inside and outside of a property, using moisture detecting technology. An experienced building and pest inspector will look for evidence of termites, borers, wood decay, fungi and mould that have damaged or may cause damage to the structural integrity of the home. Undetected pests and damage have the potential to cause a significant detrimental effect on the property and possible financial losses if not detected and treated. An inspection should also identify issues such as increased infestation risks and make appropriate recommendations. Our qualified inspectors will spend the time with you onsite and/or over the telephone to explain important findings, ensuring that you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

These reports are normally carried out on nearby properties both before work begins and after it’s finished. A comparison of the two reports then offers a clear picture of any damage that might have occurred as a result of excavation, demolition or building works.

Why would I need one?

Whether you are buying, selling, renovating or simply looking to keep your home safe, a pest inspection from Rapid Building Inspections will provide you with peace of mind and a plan of attack if required.

If you’re planning on doing any major renovation or construction work on your property, it’s always best practice to arrange for a dilapidation report to be done on the properties around you. You can avoid costly disputes that may arise from your neighbours claiming for damages due to the result of the construction work carried out on your home.

Did you know:

  • Often, your home insurance will not cover you for damage caused by timber pests.
  • Statistics show approximately 1 in 3 homes Australia wide will be attacked by timber pests at some stage.
  • A brick veneer building can still be attacked by pests as there is a timber frame in the cavity behind the wall/ceiling linings.
  • A professional pest inspector can help predict the approximate amount required to fix the pest problem. When buying a property this can help you negotiate a lower price with the seller.

Pest Inspections are recommended for all properties annually to aid in early identification of pest activity to limit potential damage. In particular, a pest inspection should be undertaken:

  • Before you buy any home
  • Before you sell your home
  • Before you renovate a home.
  • When you suspect you may have timber pest activity

Recognised as market leaders in our field, Rapid Building Inspections offers a range of services, so whether you are looking for a Pest Inspection Quote or Building and Pest Inspection our services are trusted nationwide.

Our friendly team are here to help you, 7 days a week, with all the facts you need to make a smart decision. If you wish to book an inspection or just have a few questions, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 1300 407 341.

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