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Stage Inspections

A Stage Inspection compares the work at each stage of the build with the design and engineering plans. By completing inspections during each stage of construction, issues and defects can be identified and resolved before it becomes too late and potentially costly.

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STAGE ONE: Pre Slab Inspection
Common areas of concern:
  • Dimensions and excavation
  • Termite protection in place
  • Beams and footings
  • Wire mesh integrity
  • Construction materials
STAGE TWO: Frame Inspection
Common areas of concern:
  • Wall/roof and truss frame
  • Frame spacing & bracing
  • Concrete slab finish
  • Window & door openings
  • Plumbing/drainage
STAGE THREE: Lock Up Inspection
Common areas of concern:
  • Fascia boards & gutters
  • All aspects of the brickwork
  • Roofing completion
  • Window & door locking devices
  • Wall linings & cornice
STAGE FOUR: Handover Inspection*
Common areas of concern:
  • Running boards & cabinetry
  • Proper fitting of doors & windows
  • Pest barrier in place
  • Joints & tiles are flush and sealed
  • Ceiling, wall, and corner straightness
  • Overall construction quality
  • Potential safety hazards
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