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Qualified building and pest inspector

Purchasing a home is probably one of the most significant financial commitments you will make in your life, so it’s important to get the help of experts right from the start.

A pest and building inspection is generally carried out on a property in the early stages of the purchase process, typically before your contract goes unconditional or you bid at auction. In some situations, it can also be a specific requirement of a lender before providing finance for the purchase.

For many, the whole purchase process can be quite daunting. With so much at stake, it is important to have an understanding of the skills, qualifications and experience required of an inspector to ensure the job is done properly. You need to be provided with all the relevant information on the condition of the property for a well-informed decision to be made. The last thing you want is some costly surprises after moving in.

1. Skills and qualifications of a pest and building inspector

Pest and building inspections are guided by Australian Standards. These standards describe how an inspection should be carried out and subsequently reported on, ensuring a level of consistency throughout the industry

Regulations guiding who can conduct a pest or building inspection in Australia can vary state to state. For example, Queensland building inspectors must be a registered and licensed builder, must have completed a residential building inspectors course and also hold a full pest license. So, with such a big decision to make, how can a person be sure they are getting what they pay for?

For other states, the building and pest inspector standards specify inspectors should have an extensive knowledge of the whole construction process. This includes not only a trade background but also relevant qualifications and extensive experience in the residential building sector. In order to conduct pest inspections the standard requires inspectors to have completed units 8 and 10 of the National Qualification for inspecting and reporting on timber pests. Without proving this level of skill, qualification and experience inspectors will normally not be able to gain insurance.

2. What should my expectations be

So, what sort of things should I consider, and what questions should I ask to be sure I choose the right inspector for the job?

2.1 Insurance

At a minimum, pest and building inspectors should be covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance. These cover both the advice they are offering and any damage caused to a third-party person or property. You can relax knowing that all Rapid inspectors are covered by $20 million in public liability insurance and $5 million in professional indemnity insurance.

2.2 Confirmation of areas covered

Proper building inspections cover every accessible and unobstructed aspect of a building, including the interior, exterior, roof void, roof exterior, subfloor, ground surfaces, fences, outbuildings and the adjacent grounds. A thorough inspection is essential as all the key structural elements of a building rely on each other. An issue in one area of a building may be directly linked to another and it is important that all areas are inspected.

2.3 Customer service

With so much information, you want to be able to follow up on any findings and have access to your inspector to ask questions in simple terms. A good inspector should be approachable and happy to discuss their findings once you have had a chance to read through the report. Rapid inspectors are always available during business hours to take your call and discuss your report.

2.4 Reputation

Speed and efficiency are important skills for building inspectors and it is a good idea to see if they have testimonials available to read through. This will give you a good outline of the service you are considering, as customer feedback tends to reveal how a business is run. With over 1,000 Rapid reviews across reputable platforms, we let our happy customers do the talking.

2.5 Get a sample report

Before you buy a car, you should test drive it, right? Well before you pick an inspector, ask if you can see a sample of their work to determine whether they are professional and have the skills you require. In other words, try before you buy. Call us and we will be happy to email a sample report through.

2.6 Attendance

A thorough inspection can take around 90 minutes on a standard residential property that is in reasonable condition. While an inspector needs to work alone during this time, an experienced professional should have no hesitation meeting the customer at the end of the inspection to discuss any concerns or answer questions once the report has been paid for.

2.7 The report

An efficient inspector should be able to provide the report within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection. In fact, Rapid has set a new standard for efficiency in this area. Get your report in 24 hours or get it free. The report should include photos of any findings and comply with Australian Standards.

2.8 Cost

It may be tempting to hire the cheapest, but with such a big investment, you may not get a thorough inspection of the property. Choosing an inspector based solely on price could cost you in the long run. Quality of service should be one of the main considerations. At Rapid we provide high quality at an affordable price and will even price match competitors!

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