Rapid Building Inspections

At BuildingInspections.com we understand that for most of us buying a house, whether it’s an investment property or a new home is a big deal. When buyers purchase a home they want to know that it is safe and has no hidden issues or faults that could potentially cause expensive issues down the track.  Our friendly, reliable and qualified building inspectors, backed by years of industry experience, will provide you with professional building inspections and reports that are clear and easy to read.

Our Promise

  • Fixed price
  • Guaranteed to keep the appointment
  • Guaranteed turnaround time on reports
  • Clear and concise and easy to understand reporting
  • Up-to-date technology including thermal imaging
  • Seamless booking and invoicing system

Our Culture

Our culture is who we are, not just what we do!


Who wants a grumpy old builder to answer their phone enquiry, turn up to a house for an inspection or make no effort to answer legitimate questions?  Certainly not me, and I suspect not you either.  At BuildingInspections.com we are people persons, we love to engage with our clients.  We will always show our clients the respect that they deserve, whether that is on the phone, in person or by email.  We are committed to building a friendly culture where we listen and people feel comfortable to ask questions and have them answered in a respectful manner.


If we make an appointment then we will keep it, if we promise a report by a certain date then you will get it, if you are given a price then that is the price. Short of tsunamis, earthquakes and a few other things outside of our control BuildingInspections.com will always do what it says it will do, when it says it will do it!


That’s right, we’re friendly and professional! It is possible to be both, and we are both. Trained, fully licensed and qualified inspectors conduct our building inspections. All of our inspectors are hand picked as much for their industry experience as for their ability and dedication to uphold our culture and professional standards.

Our Team

Daniel Watts (GM – Director)
Christopher Nield (Recruitment – Director)
Christopher Lane (Strategy – Director)

Training and Development

Having well trained staff and partners is core to the success of any business.  At BuildingInspections.com all our staff complete and pass, nationally recognised Building and Pest Inspection qualifications.  Upon completion of these qualifications they then undergo ongoing in-house and external training and development to ensure that they remain at the very forefront of our evolving industry.

Creating Something of Value

Like all businesses, BuildingInspections.com exists to be a highly successful and profitable business.  However, we understand that the most important asset of any business is people, and the most important outcome of any business is to add value to people.  At BuildingInspections.com we are committed to creating a culture and environment where staff and partners are valued.  We do this by providing ongoing training, mentoring and opportunities to ensure that all of our staff and partners have the opportunity to reach their potential.  We live by the motto,  “when you add value to people, then people will value you”.

Want to Join the Team?

Do you want to be a building and pest inspector? or Do you want partner with us to create something special and unique?  How you answer this question will determine if you are a good fit for BuildingInspections.com.

Pricing (tentative)

Research suggest that the appropriate price point for a building and pest inspection on the sunshine coast is around the following: